Celebrities Who Love Showing Off Their Implants
It’s no secret that with the fame and fortune celebrities collect from being in the spotlight, they also make drastic changes to their appearance. Whether it be rhinoplasty, botox, or liposuction, celebrities do all that they can to remain in the spotlight with their fresh and tight image.

7. Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham The Richest

Farrah Abraham quickly rose to fame after starring in MTV’s hit documentary show 16 & Pregnant.Barely out of high school, the reality star allowed camera crews to illustrate her new journey of becoming a single teen mother. Abraham quickly became known as the less than friendly young mother for her rude outbursts and melodramatic tantrums. However, it was her career move of entering the porn industry that had the brunette unashamed to bare it all, on and off the camera. From impromptu beach photoshoots and questionable red carpet attire, the Teen Mom OG star doesn’t hide her implants when in the public eye. The twenty-four-year-old entertainer has had three breast augmentations. She first went from an A cup to a C cup at nineteen and the entire process was caught on film during the third season of the MTV reality show Teen Mom.


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