5 Times Celebrities Got Into Serious Public Drama With Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is one of the darlings of the music industry because let’s face it, her musical talent is undeniable. While this is true between her and fans, it hasn’t always been the case with her co-celebrities. There have been instances when Swift clashed with other A-listers for various reasons – and the feuds have been very public. Here are five of the most controversial feuds the “Shake It Off” singer has been in.

Nicki Minaj

In July 2015, Swift and Nicki Minaj found themselves in an unlikely feud. This sparked when Minaj was unable to control her temper after being left out of the MTV Video Music Awards nominations for Video of the Year. She got so bitter about it that later on, she sent out messages on social media about how close to impossible it is for a non-white and non-pop artist to get recognition.

Swift, on the other hand, had her song “Bad Blood” nominated for this category. So when she saw Minaj tweeting about how her video celebrates women with slim bodies having been nominated, she felt zeroed in. She then called the rapper out and accused her of pitting women against each other.

Later on, Minaj clarified in another tweet that she was not talking about Taylor Swift. Of course, this got her a rare apology from Taylor herself, who offered her to come up with her if ever she won for that year. End of the story. The two became friends and drama were resolved.

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry used to be really good friends. However, they have apparently been in a feud since 2012. Both have dated John Mayer, and this is likely to have created some tension between them.

The “bad blood” heightened over their tour dancers. Three of Swift’s dancers who were supposed to perform in her Red tour left early so that they could perform for Katy Perry on her Prismatic would tour. Swift took offense, saying that, for years, she was never sure whether or not she and Katy were friends. Perry tweeted “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing,” which was clearly about Swift. The next response from Swift? The song “Bad Blood” was released — and it was clearly about Perry.

Miley Cyrus

In August 2015, Miley Cyrus and Taylor reportedly stopped talking to each other. Cyrus told the New York Times that she is no longer interested in being in Swift’s core group of musicians, models and actresses. “I’m not trying to be in the squad. None of my friends are famous and not because of any other reason than I just like real people who are living real lives because I’m inspired by them.” This was not followed with a response and, while the heat is getting cooler, both are not really friends right now.

Calvin Harris

Swift also found herself in somewhat of a feud with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Harris and Swift had been dating for 15 months starting March 2015. Due to undisclosed circumstances, the couple split in June the following year. Just a week later, Swift was photographed making out with Tom Hiddleston by the beach.

Harris releases the song “Ole” with John Newman and it looks like it is from Hiddleston’s angle. The lyrics suggest that Swift cheated on him, although he did not outrightly confirm this.  The two had also been in a spat over the hit song “This is What You Came For,” which Harris released with Rihanna. Swift had co-written the song but didn’t want to be credited publicly – until they broke up.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

This could be one of Swift’s longest feuds. It started in 2009. When Swift went on stage to claim her award for Best Music Video, Kanye came up, interrupted and suggested that the award should instead go to Beyonce. West was quick to apologize through “The Tonight Show” and said wanted to apologize in person.

A year later, Swift released “Innocent,” which is said to be about West. Later on, West again withdrew his apology and said that what he did was selfless. He accused Swift of using the incident to propel her popularity. They became friends again in 2015, but only until West released “Famous“ a year after with a music video of a fake nude Swift.

Taylor denied having given West the permission to include her name in the song. But West apparently had proof that she did give her go-ahead via a recorded phone conversation. Shortly after, West’s wife Kim Kardashian joined in and released some Snapchat videos that point to Swift lying about the incident. They are still not in good terms as of this writing.


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