PSY's Gangnam Style Is No More The Most Watched YouTube Video (Top 15 List)
#1 is surely your favourite!

This quote has been proven right again after five years as YouTube has finally seen a change in the first spot of their list of the most watched videos. 2012's sensation Gangnam Style released by PSY, lost its position of number one on July 11, 2017. It was the first video to get 10 million likes and 1 billion streamings on the biggest video-sharing platform. It looks like the end of an era. The video is currently streamed 2,894,426,475+ times on YT.

So now you must be wondering which song has broken the record? Well, we have created a list in which you will find the most streamed videos on YouTube. So, take a look at the list, and I am sure that the number 1 song on it maybe in your all time favourite songs list as well.

15. Katy Perry- Dark Horse Ft Juicy J

14. Adele- Hello


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