Where To Spend Your Honeymoon: The Most Popular Destinations
The decision about going out on a honeymoon despite being exclusive will depend on the joint personality of the couple. As honeymoons come in different shapes and sizes, one couple could prefer a Safari while the other could possibly want to have a beach vacation.

In this article, we are looking forward to giving you some information of some of the most-favored honeymoon destinations which include sunny beaches and snowcapped mountains. These places offer a wide variety which can be attractive to various types of couples. We consider these as the most-favored honeymoon destinations because these places have also been frequented by famous personalities in the past. 

Let us look at some of the most-favored honeymoon destinations within the world. Camino Real Acapulco Diamante 

acapulco camino real

This was the destination favored by John Kennedy and his wife Jackie. Acapulco is still a favored destination for couples who are just beginning their lives together. Temperatures within the region are generally in the ’80s throughout the year.

Couples will have an opportunity to swim and snorkel in the warm waters. The prices in Acapulco are affordable, particularly for couples who are on a tight budget.

The Camino Real can offer well-designed rooms, which will overlook the private Pichilingue Beach along with fine dining and numerous other activities. The hotel is conveniently located and allows guests the opportunity to appreciate the clubs of Acapulco during the nights and the natural beauty of the beaches during the day. The hotel also features adults only pool for couples who are looking forward to a quiet escape. 

Emerald Isle, Ireland

The thought of a honeymoon often brings to mind the images of all-inclusive Caribbean resorts for the white-sand beaches in Hawaii. Couples who want to veer off some of the most common destinations may decide to look at no further than the Emerald Isle in Ireland.

The flight from New York to Dublin just takes about 6 1/2 hours and couples who have the money to spare can purchase business-class tickets from the airline they have chosen to relax in the lounge in order to cut down on the long lines. Sunshine will be available at a premium on the island where couples will be transported into a land of double rainbows arching towards craggy cliffs, fairytale castles and cozy pubs where storytelling is a bigger hobby than having some Guinness. Given below are some of the most romantic cities and country escapes within Ireland. 

Dublin For Couples 

Dublin is not a city where couples will need vehicles for commuting because they can walk around the city and find a number of things which they can get involved in. The rich history of Dublin in the classic Georgian architecture when strolling the streets of the city, tasting the farm to table movement, which has been sweeping the nation while having some refreshments in one of the organic restaurants and feeling the poetic side of Dublin with its diverse victory art and music scenes will all be at the disposal of couples who can have a wonderful time. 

Staying at The Merrion 

The birthplace of the Duke of Wellington has seen a major upheaval and has been transformed into a five-star hotel which features Georgian architecture of the 18th-century style, and gardens they exude bold the word charm.

the merrion

Couples can be cozy up in front of a crackling fire close to the drawing rooms for the lavish afternoon tea or decide to soak together in the top within the bathroom with some champagne. The Merrion is just a few blocks away from St. Stephen’s Green from the couples can watch people having a romantic picnic in the park. 

Grecian Islands

If you are looking forward to having a romantic vacation and collecting some highly treasured experiences you should make an attempt to cuddle close to your partner and quietly watch as the sun slips over the horizon and changes the color of the sky to brilliant shades of red, pink and gold. Couples should be looking forward to grabbing their sunglasses and getting into some light clothing before attempting to watch the sunset from the most romantic beaches on the Grecian Islands. 

Not every couple will be in a position to enjoy the kind of honeymoons we have described in this discussion. However, no couple would want to overlook the most-favored honeymoon destinations when they begin making plans for some quiet time in exclusivity after their wedding.  


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