Dwayne Wayde Said the Cutest Thing Ever About Gabrielle Union's Curls

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are the cutest couple ever. Not only do they look perfect together, but the funny Snapchat videos Gabrielle Union shares of her and her husband prove that they have so much fun together. They're seriously #RelationshipGoals and the comment Wade made about his wife's curly hair just made them even cuter.

The couple attended the CFDA Fashion Awards last week and Gabrielle Union stunned the red carpet with gorgeous textured curls. Instead of her sleek extensions, she's been rocking the "big hair" look recently and Wade is very into her hair switch-up.


"It's everything. It's the hair — it's the big hair,” Wayde told Entertainment Tonight. "You know my wife don’t normally go for the big hair. She’s been doing it lately, so you know it’s the whole thing."

He wasn't even finished complimenting her, y'all. "I love the jacket as well. It’s chic, you know. She look relaxed, but it’s still sexy. I like it!"

So cute! Goal: Get you a man that loves your hair in every single style you choose to wear it in. Gabby is killing it with her curls.


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