Controversial Destinations For Travel
Traveling abroad to enjoy and explore different cultures is a habit we all enjoy. We love visiting curious places to have a great time. We invest plenty of time and money within our effort to make proper travel arrangements to make our trip comfortable.

However, many of us don’t consider whether we have chosen a destination that can really give us a wonderful experience. Have we chosen a destination which is respecting human rights and the money we expend during the holiday will be spent appropriately? Will the experience, we enjoy causing any damage to the location? Are we just choosing controversial destinations for travel to satisfy our curiosity? 

It is common for most people not to bother with these things because they are on the concerned about having a good time for the money they spend. People never stop for a moment to wonder whether their money could be used by a regime which has scant regard for human rights or world opinion. Which are these destinations that we are talking about? 

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine

North Korea 

North Korea is called a classic example of an ethical problem where tourists are often required to judge for themselves whether they want to engage this country or to isolate them along with the dangerous regime of Kim Jong-un.

The question highest on the minds of travelers will be whether visiting North Korea is good or bad because information filtering out from defectors had provided mixed responses. Travelers from the West are used by the government of North Korea to legitimize their regime while promoting themselves as capitalists. At the same time, they have a brutal regime which does not hesitate to act against dissension of any kind. Arguments have often been put forward that the country is one of the controversial destinations for travel because it hasn’t been able to deliver progress and prosperity to bring the tyranny off the regime to an end. 

The Andaman Islands 

The Andaman Islands which are located in the Bay of Bengal in India are the homes of a number of tribal groups, which have limited contact with the modern world. These groups are protected by the Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes Act within India, which safeguard them from harassment, humiliation and indignity of any kind.

However, recently, travel companies have been promoting human safaris by effectively bullying the tribals into appearing for Western travelers. Reports have been published by the observer in 2012 providing information that tribals were being forced to perform for tourists. It must be noted the tribals were living in isolation until 1998. Concerns are even being expressed that Western tourists may bring in health issues to the indigenous groups who it is considered to have no immunity to them. 


Cuba wasn’t among the controversial destinations for travel 60 years ago.  Under the Batista regime, Americans could move freely to Havana for a good time in the casinos and the nightspots. Things changed in 1959 after the Cuban revolution which brought Fidel Castro into power. The nationalization of American companies, the Bay of Pig’s invasion and the Cuban missile crisis all contributed to worsening relations with the USA.

President Eisenhower enforced a trade and travel embargo making Cuba the only country which was off-limits for Americans. Pres. Obama has normalized diplomatic relations with Cuba in 2014, but the country is still off-limits for Americans who intend traveling to Cuba for tourism. Therefore, controversy seems to be dogging Cuba despite the normalization of ties. 


Traveling to Russia is high in the minds of people to view the trans-Siberian Railway along with the monuments and relics from the past and the Soviet era. However, comments have often been made that traveling to Russia would be the same as adding to the coffers of a government which is renowned for high levels of corruption and human rights abuses of the extreme kind.

European travelers to Russia dropped by 25% in 2014 and the occupations of Ukraine along with the controversy of the Sochi Olympic Games were mentioned as a reason. Russia is also known to be involved in state-sponsored killings of political opponents and journalists who are opposed to the current regime along with discrimination against the LGBT community. The collection of facts against Russia significant is to include it among the controversial destinations for travel. 

Now that you have received information about some of the controversial destinations for travel, we believe you will exercise proper caution before you make travel arrangements to any country mentioned above. You will probably find it beneficial to enjoy your vacation and some of the safest destinations for travel which you can find without any difficulties.   


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