6 Beauty Myths That Are Total Bull
If you like scouring websites and beauty blogger Instagram pages like I do, then you're probably being bombarded with conflicting beauty tips.

When it comes to hair, makeup, and skincare, people seem to have super strong opinions as to what's a yes and what's a definite no. Throw your grandmother into the mix, and she'll probably tell you that her beauty secrets from the '40s are the only ones you should be listening to. Well, we're here to set the record straight. Keep reading for a list of six beauty myths that we're finally putting to rest.

1. Being Tired Causes Under-Eye Circles

1. Being Tired Causes Under-Eye Circles Instagram | @ledamanousaki

Although sleep deprivation can lead to many things (like making your co-workers seem even more irritating than they already are), it does not in fact lead to dark, under-eye circles. 

Dermatology professor David J. Leffell explains, "Dark undereye circles are the result of a concentration of veins beneath the very thin skin in that area. They're determined by genetics and won't change with more or less sleep." So blame your 'rents for those dark circles! 

2. Wearing Nail Polish Will Turn Your Nails Yellow

2. Wearing Nail Polish Will Turn Your Nails Yellow Instagram | @loczek0055

Although sporting polish can sometimes cause your nails to turn yellow, there are ways to avoid such discoloration. Darker polish shades (especially reds) contain more pigment and thus have more chance of staining your nails. 

The solution? Apply a clear base coat before you swipe on that ruby red shade. 

3. Wearing Makeup Causes Acne

3. Wearing Makeup Causes Acne Instagram | @chanteljeffries

There is absolutely no proven research showing that makeup causes acne. However, if you're not removing it properly (or at all!), then you might be faced with some skin problems. No matter how tired you are, always take off your makeup before bed. Avoiding bacteria will give you a better shot of avoiding acne.

4. Junk Food Causes Breakouts

4. Junk Food Causes Breakouts Instagram | @peopleofinnout

There's that age-old myth floating around that chocolate and greasy foods cause breakouts. There is no scientific research to prove this. Assistant professor of dermatology Diane Berson explains that sushi and shellfish are the only foods that may heighten the risk of acne due to their high iodine content. So go ahead, enjoy that burger!

5. You Can Shrink The Size Of Pores

5. You Can Shrink The Size Of Pores Instagram | @manhattanaesthetics

Ah, that infamous Mean Girls line: "My pores are huge!" Although it's impossible to change the size of your pores, there are ways to make them appear smaller. Clinical professor of dermatology Elizabeth McBurney reveals, "Egg whites tighten the skin, giving the illusion of smaller pores, but it's a temporary effect."

6. Acne Is An Age Thing

6. Acne Is An Age Thing Instagram | @josephineskriver

Although acne is commonly associated with being a teenager, adults of all ages can get acne. To sum it up, the factors that trigger acne and what helps to correct it are not dependent on age. Just because you have clear skin in high school does not necessarily mean you'll have clear skin later on in life.

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