Trip to Andaman Island and the Never Ending Beaches.
Andaman, one of the amazing destination perfect for holiday trips and honeymoon trips.

Nothing makes a working staff happier than backpacking. Even though backpacking to home had been fun from college hostels when it comes to work, we just want to get away to some place that could make us feel carefree of all the deadlines.  It was Eid and all of us had a decent 5 day off from our work place. It was that part of the time when all we wanted was to relax and be happy at the same time. All of us had already gone home last weekend, so we decided to get away and give our brain some time to enjoy what we all wanted to by taking an Amazing Andaman Tour Package from Chennai.

Since one of my friend's dad had collaboration with a tour operator at Andaman, it was easy for us to get it all ready faster. So we all immediately packed our bags on a Friday evening to leave early in the morning. We had three days in our pockets to play the role of a tourist in the destination that has the most beautiful beaches. It took us four hours to reach the airport at Port Blair. Our tour planners had been waiting for us there with our name boards as we had expected. There was quite a rush at the airport probably because all of them had holidays for Eid Celebrations. As we travelled we got to see beautiful hotels and resorts. We felt like we should have chosen each of it until we finally reached our resort at Port Blair which is when we felt like we made the right choice. Nobody would ever mind having a beautiful beach view where the breeze would make you feel it forever. I ran inside faster to choose the most comfortable room of the lot but nothing could beat the balcony view. After changing into comfortable beach wears we ran to the beach. 

We were all crazier than kids for the beach. Even if the sun was shining, the rays had been light and felt good on the beach. Also, it is mandatory to get tanned when you are on a beach vacation. So all of us laid there on the shores without sun shades. That is when we realised that we could come here at the night and gaze the stars. It was more like we had been provided with a private beach space. We clicked some usual pictures of all the foot prints on the beach and some group photos after which we were called to get ready to see some major places near by.

 The Cellular Jail which is considered of high significance relating to our Indian History is located here. In fact, the interested people can spend hours learning the things inside. It is indeed a National Memorial that drags us back to our past of which we were not even a part of. There are art galleries, library and photographs of our freedom fighters. A light and sound show is also often conducted here. Unfortunately, we could not hear this as the timing for it was in the evening.  Before going to the Samudrika Marine Museum we were dropped at a fancy restaurant which was being run by Indians. 

We were all foodies so we ordered quite a large amount of food as we wanted to taste all that was new here at the Andaman Islands. At the end, for desserts, they served us their Pandanus fruit salads which were worth the shot. You would not even feel the fruit in your mouth as it slips smoothly. And then we went to the  Museum where all we got to see is what belongs to the sea. Sea corals, seashells and aquariums were a delightful sight. In case the people want to know more about the tribes who stay here they could go to the Nicobarese Hut. These people are tribes who do not really prefer other human beings in their vicinity. They, in fact, like to be out of the sort of modernisation which we have been undergoing through.

To see the sunset, we decided to go to the Corbyn's Cove beach. It was located near by and surprised us with quite a large crowd on its shore. Couples, bachelors, and families had all been there. While some kids had been playing rest of them were watching every bit of the setting sun. Nothing can probably beat the beauty of this scene. We walked through the shores for some time until the night was on us. And then we got into a cafe to have some caffeine in the form of thick milk coffees. The crowd in the cafe seemed interesting. People from various countries like Egypt, Oman and America had all been there. It was nice hearing the different languages from them. We got back to our hotel by 9 in the night. We sat on the balcony watching the river. We had called the room service to serve us some food after which we wanted to get to the beach. Adirondack chairs had been in plenty there on which all of us laid without talking to each other. The sky had been lit by the stars and I was enjoying it like never before. Not once had I enjoyed this solidarity where no one would say you its late in the night and you cannot stay out just because you are a girl. Solidarity ruled above all to me at that point in time. There was some leftover food which I had later. We got into bed as the next day was scheduled to be under the water.

The next day early in the morning we got ready for some English breakfast and left to the Neil Island where all of us had the plans to dump some fears of ours. All of us had decided to go under the water to see the other world that is beneath the water. We had already got our bookings done for it. Along with our gang, there was a couple who had been on their Best Andaman tour package from Kolkata. All of us together took the instructions which were quite simple to follow. All that we needed was confidence and presence of mind which most of us lack these days. But thank god, none of us was taking our mobile phones under there though we had arranged a photographer to click some underwater pictures of ours. One by one all of us dived into the sea along with our guide. The people all around me had been deeply indulged in showing me what I had already seen. That was the sort of excitement all of us had. Fear did not even seem to be existing as we got to see the corals and fishes around us. The 20 minutes under the water went just like that. We got back on the shore from where our photographer showed us some hilarious pictures of us in which all of us had the excitement of a child on our face. I don't know if it was because we were travelling but I was often feeling hungry. I went to a shop that had been selling fresh juices and had some fresh orange juice. 

Since we had plans to try some parasailing I did not want to fill my stomach. Parasailing had not been our list and it was a spontaneous choice that we made. We waited for some time as quite a large number of people had already been waiting ahead of us. In some turns, even kids were waiting along with their parents to Parasail. As a kid, my mother would not even leave me to the beach. Finally, our wait was over and one by one we did a short parasailing ride on the speedboat. The adrenaline rush was at the peak during it. A cloud 9 feeling is what all of us had on being here at the Andaman Islands. We got back to the resort where we had our lunch. It was a buffet from which we had what we want. We took some of all the things for the beach in our bags left to the Havelock Island where we were going to stay for the day. This Island is famous for beaches like Radhanagar, Kala Pathar and Elephant beaches. The former place is one of the main tourist location here. While we were reaching, people had been returning back. We went straight to a beach resort where we stayed the night. A campfire had been set up in the moonlight and the night was already over. Our last day, we went to the Radhanagar beach. The beauty of this beach can never be explained. Our final destination was Vijayanagar beach where we did kayaking. 

The great experience had come to an end and we were happy that we spend money on this Island.


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