Tiredness Can Kill; Take a Break With Ayurvedic Rejuvenation
Get the chance to explore one of the finest Ayurvedic Centers in Munnar, where you can expect top class spa services while getting out of body pain and frustrations of your lifestyle.

My daily routine in a normal week day would be more like home and work. Due to very heavy workload, I was never able to take a break or a leave to spend some free time peacefully. Over time works and late night shifts made me unstable and anxious.Sleeplessness was one of my other difficulties that increased my stress. It was at this time I heard about the Ayurvedic treatments and its drastic effect on the disease. On the 5th of July, I decided to take a short break from this busy job and visit one of the Popular Ayurvedic Spa in Kerala. I boarded the flight to city Ernakulam which is known to the tourist as the heart of Kerala. I reached the airport in Kerala at around 10.45 at morning. It was not my first visit to the place; I have been in Kerala before in Fort Kochi for the Biennale. But this trip was with a different purpose, a purpose different from pleasure and fun. This trip was a part of treatment to reduce depression and anxiety I had. After reaching Ernakulam I decided to have the breakfast and freshen up to start my journey to Munnar. After the breakfast, I reached the Ernakulamsouth railway station to take my train to Munnar and start my treatment in Aura Ayurveda & Spa an Ayurvedic resort in the hills of tea plantations. By choosing to start my treatment in Munnar I had 2 advantages one of the treatments and other to have a small tour of the queen of hill stations and tea plantations. After a 3hour journey, I reached the resort and met the main Adyar to discuss the medical treatments and the requirements.


Ayurvedic treatments are holistic in nature and aim at the rejuvenation of body and soul.Ayurveda considers humans as a part of nature and believes that proper health can be attained only by a holistic approach to the physical mental and social well-being of the individual. There are two basic elements in the Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments like the five elements, it is believed that all the living brings elements are made up of the basic five elements and thus any substance in nature has the potential to become a medicine in itself. Secondly, the third dosha, Ayurvedic disciples believe that any disease is caused by a change in the dosha of the individual.  Which are the physiological elements in a human body called the Vita, Pitta, Kapha. After checking and talking to me for a while the doctors stated my disease to be anxiety and depression due to over load of work. In most people, depression, and anxiety tend to coexist; too much of stress could be the main reason behind anxiety and depression. According to what the doctor said from the Ayurvedic point of view depression is caused due to the imbalance of Kapha which deprive the Vata and disturbing the pita, as a result, there will be interference in the normal functioning of the nervous system which later leads to depression.


Most of the treatments in Ayurveda for depression include proper counseling with a balanced diet and lifestyle maintenance. Treatments recommended for me to reduce stress and depression include the Abhyangam, Padabhyangam, Nasyam, Pizhichil, Kizhi, and Shirodhara.I was admitted for a two-day treatment with all the treatment methods. My treatment for the day started with Abhyangam which is a full body massage from head to toe which is done with medicated herbal oils. This treatment Increases blood circulation and helps in eliminating toxins from the body. By stimulating the nerves by applying pressure on the vital point’s one could reduce the stress and anxiety.The treatment for the 1st day was later followed by Padabhyangam which is an herbal foot massage that aims in applying pressure on the vital pressure points so as to reduce the stress and tension. The Padabhyangam induces mental calmness and relief from stress. And Nasyam which includes administration of medicated drugs or oils through nostrils by doing Nasyam it regulates the nervous system and people become more emotional. After the initial 3 treatments, my mind felt relieved and calm. While in Ayurvedic treatments sleep is an important factor that influences a person’s nature and routines. After having dinner with a special diet I slept peacefully after some long time. Mornings were really earlier in the Famous Ayurvedic Spa in Munnar as there are many treatments that tend to be done early morning. I woke up at 6 am, after taking a refreshing bath I had my breakfast of strict diet and started with my treatments for the day. it was my last day in the resort and my treatment included Pizhichil,  which is done by squeezing Luke warm oils with medicines and medical leaves on to the body from a piece of cloth which is soaked frequently in the medicinal oil. This process brings the body and mind to a state free from tension and keeps it relaxed. Followed by the Pizhichil a treatment method called the Kizhi was done where powdered herb spice and sand are tied to a small wrap and heated slightly to pound over the body slowly. By doing Kizhi the enhanced circulation of the stress hormones are reduced and brought back to the initial state. my last treatment included the Shirodhara which is the healing treatment done by massaging the body while continuously pouring medicated oils over the forehead in a pendulum motion for a specific time. My treatment to reduce stress ended with Shirodhara. After the treatment, I felt something special in me, like a refreshed feeling that I lost long back somewhere under the workloads and stress.


Nurturing Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala are true healing mechanism that is available for almost every diseases and condition of life, I personally have experienced the rejuvenation therapy and the stress busters in Ayurvedic treatments which make you feel fresh and young. After my therapy, I reached my home on 7th July early morning at 6 am. My days after the treatment was stress-free and refreshing, undergoing Ayurvedic therapies in regular intervals will allow you lead a happy and stress-free life filled with enthusiasm and costiveness.


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