Ride Past the Roads of Kerala
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An adventure enthusiast always prefers to take rides. And Kerala offers you the best opportunity to ride through thrilling roads and delicious food. If you are planning to get away next holidays, get your bucket list ready for the best ride with amazing food of your life at Kerala.This land has come up to be the one with its own varieties of food. Take your bike and start from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala from where you can taste the most famous breakfast in this location, Puttu, and Kadala. Once you have had it you can move on until noon with a favorable full filled stomach. For lunch go to any city or countryside at Kollam and there would definitely be one restaurant that serves the authentic Sadhya. Served on a banana leaf this food is surely a tour through the vegetarian recipes for the taste buds. The rice along with it is unexplainably relishing.  The final dessert, Payasam would become your favorite sweet with the tender cashews and raisins in it. From here, go to the Venice of the east which would take you approximately 3 hours to reach. Onmid-way stop for some banana fritters along with tea which would thereafter make snacking compulsory for you. And once you have reached take some rest from riding and choose a comfortable stay at any Stunning Resorts in Kerala.The next day, ride to the Vembanad Lake and treat yourself by going on a houseboat cruise. Ask for Appam and stew. 


If you are all fine with a non-vegetarian start to the day demand mutton stew as it is the best combination. Vegetarian stew is also available along with it. There is utmost fun when you get to catch fish and it gets cooked in some time. This is possible on the backwaters. Your cook marinates it to the spices of Kerala and serves the best sea food to you for your lunch. Alappuzha Karimeen fry and Alappuzha fish curry are famous dishes that get your mouth watery due to the aroma. You will have a hard time to stop eating lunch this time.  Enjoy bird watching and clicking pictures of the enticing beauty of this land. And for tea time get some Vattayappam majorly made from rice and coconut. This soft snack is available in most parts of Kerala. By noon get set and ride to Munnar, the Kashmir of South India. Move into the Best Resort in Munnar where you can totally relax. If you do not mind, have some tapioca with spicy chilly fish curry for dinner.  Also if you are interested in getting yourself an Ayurveda spa, go for one which would get you out of Travel sickness and refresh your system.


  Munnar gives you the most thrilling rides. So do not waste a single minute here. Have some typical south Indian Dosa and Chutney and ride through the hill station and stop to hike to the Top station which would give you the best sight of the Western Ghats. The trek for sure would make you tired. So get down and take lunch some Ghee rice and chicken and take ample rest. One should also go to the waterfalls here which will definitely give you chills as you sense nature holding you in her arms. Attukal and Lakkam waterfalls are the major waterfalls situated here. Go to at least one waterfall here and embrace the grace of the motherland. Once you are done get set to go to the Queen of the Arabian Sea. Comfort yourself at Luxurious Hotels in Kochi and have some Parotta and Beef roast for dinner. The locals consider this food as their most favorite.  The next day ride through Fort Kochi and Mattancherry to see the Chinese fishing nets and Paradesi Synagogue. Then go on a long journey from Kochi to Kozhikode. Take a halt at Thrissur and grab some Chinese lunch for a change. And as you reach Kozhikode in the evening, have some Erachi Pathal or Chattipathiri and you have already reached the hub of tastiest food- 'Malabar'! For dinner have some Malabar Duck roast with any roti item and you can sleep in peace.


Early in the morning have some Pathiri and egg roast and go to Kappad Beach. Enjoy the sunset from here and ride to Thusharagiri waterfalls. This is another must visit waterfalls that let you enjoy the cascading freshwater. Go to the restaurant, Rahmath and eat the most delicious Beef Biriyani from here. You will savor it in every intake and fall bait to the Malabar cuisines. Have a calm evening by spending it at the Kozhikode beach watching the sunset. You also get to eat Mussel friend Ice Orathi from the shores.  Go to Paragon for dinner and order anything you like. This place is heaven for any food lover as everything they serve is just totally worth every penny you pay there. The next day, after grabbing some Kallappam for breakfast ride to the Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary.The biodiversity and the Kuttiady River which flows through this place make it look flawless. You will also get to see Urakkuzhy waterfalls cascading here.Travel back to the city and have lunch from Zains Hotel. The Malabar chicken biryani is the most satisfying lunch. The tender chicken and soft basmati rice are like pieces of heaven. The specialty of Malabar is that you do not have to pay a high price for delicious food and everything from breakfast to dinner tastes the best. Before leaving, do some shopping from S.M Street where you get cheap things. Also, take some parcel of food if you feel like as you are never tired of trying new recipes. Snacks like Kunjipathiri, Unnakaya, and Kozhippidiare also famous which is a must try once in a lifetime.Kerala is where not just travelers, but food lovers flow into, to have astounding food. This land of spices and coconut is hence a must visit to witness why it has been called, 'Gods own country'


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