Redditor Leaked The Upcoming Episodes Of Game Of Thrones Season 7 And It's Disappointing
Game of Thrones has been a global phenomenon and is one of the most anticipated TV series around the world. The show has made its way into the hearts of all; the geeky fanatics (like myself), and those who watch it just for the heck of it (like my parents. And, no. We don't watch it together).

Even the slightest news related to the show causes a huge hype among its watchers. Something like THIS would spread like Wildfire.

And now that I have used the words "Leaked" and "Spoilers" above, I am sure you all know what to expect here. Let this be known that I do not CLAIM this to be a 100% accurate. But the uncanny similarities in the 1st episode and its description given here (9 months prior) can't just be disregarded casually.

The Premiere episode of the 7th season was received largely by the audience. So, let's figure out what this Redditor had to say about this season's progression before he apparently deleted his account.

Episode 1 – Well, this DID happen!!!

Episode 1 – Well, this DID happen!!!

The redditor, u/awayforthelads, predicted the happenings of 1st episode quite accurately. He mentioned Bran to reach The Wall and meet with Edd, along with Arya's 'poisonous' revenge on the House Frey for the Red Wedding wearing Walder's face, but also making sure that the women live.

He also talked about the grinding gears between Sansa and Jon over the fates of houses Umber and Karstark. Also, that Daenerys (Dany) lands at Dragonstone and reaches Stannis' old War Room. He even tells that Dany has only one line at the very end of the episode: "Shall we begin?"

 All these were declared as long as 9 months before the Season Premiere. Now I don't want to believe what's ahead, but isn't this one super-precise?

So, Let's dive in!


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