Explore The Hill Stations With The Cloud Of Mist In Kerala
Visit Kerala and make some memorable moments. The tea estates, paddy fields, beaches, backwaters etc are a visual treat to our eyes and mind.

Kerala is a land with a number of hill stations and other fun loving tourist destinations that most travelers from around the world and within the country love to visit. The beauty and climate of the misty hill stations attract a number of tourists from the northern part of India like Surat and Jaipur. People from different places visit these misty hill stations of Kerala mainly with an intention to enjoy the cold and to take in the freshness of nature. The natural beauty of the places with a combination of different climatic elements is the main attraction of the hill stations in Kerala. Different tour operators like the Holiday Mango Travels offers Attractive Kerala tour packages from Jaipur with attractive offers to promote seasonal tourism in Kerala from places within the country.the main attraction of the hill stations in Kerala which makes it unique and lets it stand different from those to the northern parts of India are the presence of a large number of tea and coffee plantations. 


Apart from the tea and coffee the hill stations of Kerala are known for its aromatic spice plantations. Being the caffeine and spice centre most of the hill stations in Kerala are filled with filled with plantations which provide the best landscapes and picturesque view of the place. This climate along with the scenic beauty of the plantations and the aroma of the spice, in addition, attracts a number of tourists from around the world.

Some of the main hill stations in Kerala which are the must visit destinations are:

Munnar The Queen Of Hill Stations


Munnar is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Kerala due to its panoramic beauty and landscape view all combined with the best climate. The place is not only rich in tea and coffee plantations but also a place with the best tourist destinations. Some of the major tourist destinations in Munnar are the tea and coffee plantations of the place, the tea gardens, photo stations, Mattupetti Dam, Attukal waterfalls and much more. This hill station to the Western Ghats is the best honeymoon destination in most Kerala tour packages for couples where the couples could enjoy maximum privacy in the lap of nature and could even get into adventurous activities like trekking, boating and much more. 

Wayanad The Land Of Natural Life


Wayanad is a small rural district in Kerala with a number of tourist destinations, mainly hill stations and sightseeing spots which attract a number of travellers from around the world. The simple life style and destinations of the place mainly attract the north Indians, as the place is rich in greenery, wildlife and climate which is all that a perfect tourist destination would need. some of the major tourist attraction of the place is Chempra Peak, Banasura Sager Dam, Pookot Lake, Neelimala view point and much more, different adventurous spot like trekking, mountain climbing,  boating and more are offered in the place. Tree top stays are one of the main attractions of the place.

These are the two main hill top stations in Kerala which is a prominent destination in almost all tour packages organised to Kerala. Kerala is a land with all natural resources that a land would need to be a tourist hot spot. The land is the best place to visit for, birdwatchers, nature lovers, animal and wildlife lovers, pilgrims, adventure lovers and much more. With its natural beauty and elements, the place is a paradise on earth that welcomes and offers the best to the travellers.


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