Dumped inaugural parade announcer attends women's march
Charlie Brotman, the long-time presidential inauguration announcer who President Donald Trump chose not to use for his inauguration Friday, instead attended the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday.

Charlie Brotman

Charlie Brotman SCREENGRAB

Linda Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York and one of the march’s organizers, tweeted a photo of Brotman with her at the march Saturday.

“I had to get him here. Charlie Brotman, inauguration announcer since Eisenhower dropped by Trump is HERE with us!” she wrote


Brotman had been the announcer for the inaugural parades since 1957.

He instead announced the organizers of the National Women's March on Washington.

"I have announced the presidential inaugural parade, which the crowed here are much larger than at the parade," he said. "Today I've got a new job and I am tickled to have that job. It's my honor to welcome the national organizers for the National Women's March on Washington."

"The impossible is now taking place," he added

After hearing that he would not be the announcer for Trump’s parade, Brotman said he thought he was “going to commit suicide.”

“I was disappointed because I thought I would be the announcer, and then when I read the email, I thought I was going to commit suicide. It was really terrible,” he said on CNN earlier this month.

NBC News4 hired Brotman for coverage of Friday’s ceremony.

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