Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited: Offering Finest Glass Repairs & Installations
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Glassesand mirrors are add-ons to the beauty of homes and workplaces. Youneed to provide good care and maintenance to the glasses to keep themlong lasting and well-conditioned. Benchmark Glass & MirrorLimited is a well established company providing glass repair andinstallation services at unparalleled prices. They are one of thewell recognized names for

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. Services offered by theminclude:-

  • Residentialglass repair:-

Theyoffer repair and installation services for residential places ataffordable prices. They treat you with personal care and attentionand handle your projects efficiently.

  • Commercialglass repair:-

Theyare specialized in providing customized solutions for various typesof businesses and take care of their requirements with expertise.They provide solutions that fit your needs with the assistance oftheir experienced team.

  • Automotiveglass repair:-


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and replacement services forvehicles of different size and shape including buses, cars, vans,sports car, etc. They can be trusted for providing quality repairservices for windshield glasses as well as other mirrors and glassessuch as back-glass, side mirrors and much more.

Glassesand mirrors are more prone to breakage and need to be handled witheffective care. They make use of high quality materials so as toprovide durable glasses that do not need to be replaced for longperiod of time. Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited works withcertain insurance companies that save you from huge costs ofrepairing and relieve you from the worry of cracked glasses. Theyoffer various maintenance programs and provide you convenientreplacement services without costing much.

Ifyou are looking for a company offering reliable

glass repair Edmonton

and installation services, then you canopt for Benchmark Glass & mirror Limited. It was started byRon le Clair in November 2007 with an aim to provide services thatare free of corporate bureaucracy. The company has a vision ofserving individuals with quality services and bringing up theircompany to a higher level of servicing. Their team has an experienceof several years in this industry and they make use of cutting-edgetechnological tools to deliver best services on time.

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