Adore the Scenic Star that Steals the Screens - Charming Athirappilly Waterfalls
Enjoy the charming beauty of Athirapilly Waterfalls

You all will have an obvious answer to a question that why do Athirappilly waterfalls are popular. Yes, the majestic waterfalls have stolen the big screen in all big budget movies and was successful in portraying its beauty to the millions in the world. The best part is that without even getting a closer glimpse of the falls in real, people have admitted its allurance. Although we have witnessed its majesty in all Bollywood and Hollywood movies, a real outbreak was caused when the Magnumopus Babhubali was released. The falls portrayed its beauty from the very first beginning of the movie itself. The movie had a wide release allowing more audience to watch the cinema. Being referred to as the 'Niagara of India', the Indians developed an urge to witness its marvel in real. Mainly youngsters were motivated and they backpacked to Kerala. Owing to this tour planners like GoGeo holidays have introduced packages from other states exclusively. The natives of Bangalore were more interested as the place had many gangs of friends from various software companies, and during their weekend they have planned a tour to Kerala especially to watch Athirappillywaterfalls. The itinerary of Incredible Kerala tour packages from Bangalore included the largest waterfall in India to enthrall the tourists from the above-mentioned native. The bookings soared after the release of the movie and majority of them were big ITprofessionals. For them, what they seek out is a perfect place to shed off their daily work pressures and a quality time to enjoy together. Getting a dip in the chilly and pristine water of the fall can remove their health issues also and rejuvenating them to give more output in their work.  With the just minimum budget, the trip organizers have crafted an excellent package.Some companies there used to arrange trip especially to Kerala and after this movie, their favorite haunt came out to be the falls in Athirappily. Even near to this location, major water theme parks like the Dream world and Silver storm is situated for more blast.


Where is its origin?


Our screen stealer is nestled in the Chalakkudy Taluk of Thrissur district in Kerala and it has dominated its presence in other parts too. Its origin is from Anamalai peak and gains strength after joining with other streams to rush powerfully to plunge the Chalakkudy river. Owing to its power and volume, they are compared to the largest waterfall in the world, Niagara with 80 feet height and 330 feet width. Resting in the inner skirts of Sholayar forest ranges, the tourists can opt for trekking or hiking through the wild jungles watching a different variety of flora and fauna. You must have often heard of a name of the place along with the name of the Athirappilywaterfalls, which is Vazhachal. Vazhachal is a picturesque perfect location where wild animals find their home. The water currents from the fall pass through the verdant greenery of the thick vegetation in Vazhachal to join with the Arabian sea. The place is home to 4 varieties of Indian hornbill, making it a bird watching paradise. One can climb up to almost 100 meters to behold the upper part of this stupendous waterfall.


How can you enjoy the location?

The tourism department is such a developed that they have arranged many fun zones in the location to enthrall kids who accompany the tour.For enjoying the weekend some families used to set out for a tour. To make their children play in clean and safe water instead of going to the amusement parks where highly chlorinated water is provided, they chose such locations.Athirappily is one such location which is perfect for spending an Amazing  family holiday packages to Kerala as parents can relax and watch their children play in the shallow waters of pool formed by the falls in the downstream. Youcan find families in profuse there as it is a perfect place for them to enjoy the water currents and men will be busy playing under the falls in upstream.


How can you take part in adventure activities here?


The part of Chalakkudy river had given birth to an offbeat waterfall location near to Athirappily which is Vazhachal falls. This fall is locally referred to as Charpa falls coming under the Sholayar ranges, the abode of the wild. If are looking for some activity other than sightseeing, then the tourism council department of the district has something great for you in collaboration with an administrative body of Athirappily which is the Jungle safari tour organized from Chalakkudy to Mallakkapara.This is a real chance to watch the scenic beauty of rainforest in Kerala as the trip progresses through the Sholayar ranges covering almost 90 kilometers. On your way, some attractions will be covered like Kauthuka park, where you can watch the tamed wild animals, Butterfly garden, Thumboormuzhi dam, hills and valleys around, tea gardens etc.


Your best time to visit


Like the habitual nature of every waterfall, during monsoons, their power will get strengthened and to behold these at this point of time is worth but will result in some way or the other an utter waste as indulging in adventurous activities is risky. When the climate is pleasant most probably from September to October, it is better to visit the place. Although the paths are undulated and slippery and will get worse at rainy season. Your jungle safaris and trekking will get some what difficult and risky too. For outsiders, for gaining more clarification about the peak season and accommodation facilities it is better to consult with the tour planners while choosing Exotic Kerala tour packages for family. The availability of accommodation and other activities need to be booked in prior. Many resorts are available on the premises including tree houses.


How can you reach here?

If you are a traveler who has prior booked any package and visiting Kerala then you will be received at Cochin International airport or railway station and will be escorted to the location. Travellers coming by bus can catch buses from Kochi to reach the destination by 2-3 hours. There are three different routes to reach the location depending upon the direction you come from viz. Valparai, Chalakkudy, and Angamaly.


Once you are here just rewind your senses to the point where you have watched the beauty of Athirappily waterfalls on the big screen where Aishwarya Rai Bachan is dancing with the rhythm of the falls in movie Guru and other Tamil songs shot. When you open your eyes you are just before that majestic waterfall that stole the screen as well as your aesthetic sense.


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