This Shows What Your Hugs Says About Your Relationship!
Words, humanity’s most important discovery, typically fails us, once we wish to express our feeling for our love once. Snuggling is one of the most foundational concepts of displaying feelings in a relationship. Not only do we greet each other with hugs, it’s a gesture to communicate that we care.

It’s the proper stepping stone between holding hands and caressing. Even though you’re not the foremost loving person, a heat hug will cause you to feel very nice. There is so much in hugs that we cannot even express in words.



Read Below what your partner hugs tell about your relationship!

1. The legs wrap!

These type of hugs represent how strong you both feel for each other physically! This speaks loudly about your high passionate level for each other. If you are this type of couple we can only imagine what happens in your closed bedroom!




2. The buddy hug!

Also known as the “half hug,” represent that your relationship does not stop only at the lovable attachment but also it means that you guys are the BFFs in each other’s life!


3. Those PDA hugs!

If you hug your partner irrespective of where you are or without considering what the people around you think, and you ignore about the society when you are hugging, then salutes you’re madly in love.



4. The back hug! 

A hug from the back represents how comfortable and secure you are in your relationship! The one at the back shows protection whereas the front one represents trust.


5. With the eye contact!

This is the most intimate way of hugging. Your relationship is rock solid if you are of this kind! This hug is all about the connection.


6. The one-way hug!

This is the one where one partner hugs whereas the other one hugs! If you are the one of this hugging type be alert. Your companion may not be into you as much as you are.


7. The one-armed, awkward hug

It is often said to be a half-hearted or upset hug. But perhaps the person is not very social and is kind of awkward in the relationship.


8. The ‘Touch Me Not Hug’

This is a signal that either your other half is dejected about something is uncomfortable with you!


9. The tight hug

This type of hug implies a serious relationship and that you don’t want to get apart ever!


10. The cuddly hug

A cuddly hug means that not only do they adore you in that moment, the person is very relaxed and will not yield to do anything else for a little while at least.



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