'Positions' Girls Don't Like During Fun
And what did you boys think?

Even girls have preferences, a lot of them. We might not say them out loud, but that doesn't mean there aren't things that we absolutely abhor and things we absolutely adore! Cuddling, making out or making love, there are preferences in all of it! Boys, when you are spending some quality time with a girl, do not make rash moves or what you have seen in porn, no girl is ever doing that with you! NO-ONE! So, try and keep things simple and minimalistic. And no matter what always take her concern. 

Here is a list of 10 things that girls don't find appealing, rather appalling. 

1. I'm not trying to be a gymnast here

1. I'm not trying to be a gymnast here

Sam M. says, "I hate when guys put my legs above my head and pin them against me. It makes me feel like I have to barf. Besides, if I wanted to be Betty Spaghetti I would have been a gymnast."

Well, the girl has a point. 

2. Pinned up against a wall2. Pinned up against a wall

Lindsay M. shares, "Getting pinned against a wall is nice in theory, but even the strongest guy can't hold a 100+ pound girl while thrusting for very long. Pinning a girl up against the wall isn't supposed to last very long."

Touche, girl!

3. You're spooning her wrong3. You're spooning her wrong

A lot of girls think that the spooning position isn't a very comfortable or a logical position for having sex. Arianna L. believes in the same. "Never figured out how to make that work-very limited range of motion makes it confusing." 

Well, you probably just have to bend over a little more. 

4. Make up your mind 

4. Make up your mind 

Girls' opinions on sexual positions change depending on their mood. For example, riding on the top versus laying on the bottom. Carissa G. is a perfect example, "Being on top is my favorite, but also my least favorite when I'm tired." It's not always about you, Carissa G!

5. The summer of 69!5. The summer of 69!

A quintessential position for mutual pleasure is the infamous 69. Some girls, like Elizabeth E., just don't understand guys being so close to the exit hole. "I find it so awkward for a guy's face to be right there."

6. The doggy style 

6. The doggy style 

Believe it or not, some(majority of the) girls don't like this doggy style shit. Natalie R. says she would prefer for an engaging guy to mount her from behind. "Otherwise it feels like you're being used." I think that's what turns most people on about it. To each their own.


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