Mother Trolls Her Daughter After Overhearing Her Say She Wants To Drop Out And Be A Stripper
College is frustrating enough as it is, but that frustration always peaks around exam time. The pressure is on to do well, with most students calculating the number they need to score in order to maintain an A (or avoid an F) in the class.

It's around exam time that majors are changed, relatives die, and some students simply decide to not show up to their final exam and deal with the consequences at a later point in time. 

Other career options are pondered as well. Trade jobs are on the uptick after all, and since sex always sells, being a stripper is an option that's always on the table.

That's what Aissa Sencion's mom overheard one day, and she decided to be proactive and support her daughter's new direction in life. She left her a letter and a gift, both of which Aissa shared with the world.


And the referenced outfit...

And the referenced outfit... Twitter

With the Spring semester just around the corner all over the country, Aissa's tweet is making rounds again thanks to college students everywhere considering all of their alternate career paths before that first day of class.

Better hit the books kiddo!..


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