Beautiful Black Women Who Rock Yarn Twists, Braids and Locs
The new season is upon us, which means it's time for a change. An awesome way to change up your look is by doing something different with your hair. If you're wanting that change, then you need to check out these gorgeous women who rock yarn twists, braids, and locs. They are absolutely beautiful! Keep reading to check out these fabulous women that have hair that is just as fabulous!

This yarn bun is glorious! Look how voluminous it is. 

Instagram | @klutchcosmetics

Long hair, don't care! 

Instagram | @voiceofhair

I'm loving these deep purple braids. So chic!

Instagram | @voiceofhair

I can't get over this awesome hairstyle! She definitely has hair goals. 

Instagram | @brunaramosfe

This hairstyle is beyond beautiful!Also, her baby hairs are just too cute. 

Instagram | @protectivestyles

The golden beads add such a glamorous touch. YouTube | PrettieMajor

Which hairstyle is your favorite? Comment to let us know! 

Main Image via YouTube | PrettieMajor


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