2017 Movies That Made Our Jaws Drop
While it is too soon to name any of these movies as being the best movie of the year, they definitely deserved their place on any a top list if you ask us.

We have already passed two-thirds of this year so it might be the time to start mentioning some of the best movies of this year. With almost 8 months of this year behind us, we were given plenty a great movie, including, superhero flicks, typical Hollywood blockbusters, and even some indie movies proving, once more, that the film industry has a lot more to offer.

In the era of endless sequels, prequels, and remakes of previously successful movies, we should definitely be grateful for the filmmakers that created these.


We simply had to open with Logan. Before it came out in March this year most people expected yet another movie with Hugh Jackman screaming a lot, showing off his abs and killing people. Now, to be fair, the movie did not lack violence at all (definitely earning an R rating) but it also gave us so much more. This time, we are following a story set in 2029 when mutants have already been weeded out of the United States and Logan is just trying to make a living to be able to take care of Professor X.

The film makers knew that this was the last time Hugh Jackman will ever portray Logan so they decided to give him a powerful send-off.  And they definitely did it. The movie made an immortal with a metal skeleton and a healing factor more relatable to people in the audience than many other movies around, and we must admit, the tear-jerking moments caught us off guard.

The Beguiled

There is a lot to be said about this movie, and almost all of it is positive. It is a dramatic period piece directed and written by Sofia Coppola, it is based on the novel written by Thomas P. Cullinan with the same name. So, now that we have gotten the technicalities out of the way.

The movie is well directed, taking us through feelings of rivalry among women and the desire that builds up over time. While, at the beginning, it might feel like a regular romantic film, the horrid plot twists of the movie will certainly surprise you and keep you on your toes. It premiered in the US on June 23, this year. But its actual premiere was at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival on May 24 where it was a success. In fact, it made Sofia Coppola the second woman ever to be awarded the Festival De Cannes Best Director Award (and, by the way, the previous time a woman took home the Best Director Award was in 1961 when a Soviet director Yuliya Solntseva’s Chronicle of Flaming Years was shown).

Baby Driver

Even though it is not as serious or artistically done as the other movies on this list, we loved watching Baby Driver in the theater. While those who do not enjoy action flicks will not go head over heels for this one, watching it gave us the feeling that it is a movie that will forever make a difference when it comes to the details of filming an action film. As we said, it is not a movie that will forever be remembered as a master piece, but it offers a ton of fun. Edgar Wright is here to give us another awesome film by mashing up an action thriller with a musical through the use of a hearing disability of Baby, the titular protagonist. Yes, the story is stereotypical, but that is what action films are for. Go in and enjoy the art form of visual representation combined with an awesome soundtrack this movie provides.



Christopher Nolan is back with another masterpiece. In the year where the superhero movies rule and even Warner Bros finally got a great film in the expanded universe race with Wonder Woman. Chris Nolan, famous for his interpretation of Batman has decided to make a World War II epic about the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Nolan doesn’t spend a lot of time introducing the characters to us, he simply throws us into the chaos of war and lets us feel what the soldiers must have felt through the movie. Of course, this meant that the actors had to work that much harder to achieve the connection this movie demands and they nailed it. This movie is a success both on the huge scale it offers us with incredible visuals and the small scale of the individual bravery of characters in the film. It is definitely a must-see movie.

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