17 Tweets That Will Put A Smile On Your Face
"I peed on the floor."

1. This loving boyfriend:

Instagram: @buzzfeedstyle

2. This little guy who is rain-repellant:

3. This doggy lover:

3. This doggy lover:

Twitter: @i

4. This amazing hotel service:

Twitter: @Mich_Cooke

5. This little smarty pants:

Twitter: @cigdemk14

6. This working pup:

Twitter: @Strawburry17

7. This outstanding wife:

Twitter: @Reggae_Beauty

8. This superhero:

Twitter: @DaliKwesha

9. This studious dad:

Twitter: @ometeanassi

10. This happy family:

Twitter: @ataliagarcia5

11. This pee-er:

Twitter: @ncteaser

12. This Blockbuster-lover:

Twitter: @Javiii_Zuniga

13. This "bad haircut:"

Twitter: @lindsaymartin15

14. This ~special~ princess:

Twitter: @graysonl3

15. These very special yearbook photos:

Twitter: @AlecPloof

16. This "honest" mistake:

Twitter: @DOGGEAUX

17. And finally, "radical" Islam:

Twitter: @AliceAvizandum


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