This 11-Year-Old Fashion Designer Just Made History At New York Fashion Week
Kheris Rogers just became the youngest person to ever show at New York Fashion week.

"I just made history as #NYFW youngest fashion designer EVER! I am only 11 years old and made it while encouraging people to love their skin," wrote Rogers in an Instagram post

                                                           Instagram | @kherispoppin

Rogers hopes that her clothing line — called Flexin' My Complexion — will inspired people to be proud of their skin color.  

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o has expressed her support for the young designer, and so has Emmy-award winning writer, Lena Waithe

                            Twitter | @Lupita_Nyongo| Instagram | @kherispoppin

Rogers was bullied in the past because of her skin and says that the experience inspired her to create this collection. 

“I was getting called names like 'burnt biscuit,' 'dead roach,' and was told that I 'had been left in the oven too long,'" said Rogers.  

                                                     Instagram | @kherispoppin

Rogers plans to launch a fall/winter collection sometime soon. 

She also models and walked the runway during her show at Harlem Front Row. 

“I am just glad that I am able to inspire others that it does not matter how old you are," says Rogers. "It is never to early or late to chase your dreams and to always stand up for what you believe in.”

                                                    Instagram | @kherispoppin


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