25 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations
A star’s weight can be tied tightly into their image. For others, weight gain can be a recent development that can net them a lot of pretty humiliating press. Hey, how would you feel if millions of people were discussing the pounds you added over the holidays? But that kind of attention is nothing compared to the big reveal after they’ve worked it off.

Here are 25 stars who unveiled their incredible weight loss transformations in the public arena – some of these familiar faces became completely unrecognizable!

1. Jennifer Hudson.

(Image Source: maggiesdoughnuts.com)

Singer and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson gave us one of the greatest weight loss transformations of all time several years ago. Hudson went from a size 16 to a size 6. She attained such amazing results through Weight Watchers, a company she was a spokesperson for until 2014. Hudson has kept the weight off, and is surely pleased with her commitment, although it took some getting used to. “Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself,” she once said.

2. Adele.

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Adele is perhaps the most famous singer in the world right now. That’s why her recent weight loss did not go unnoticed by a single fan or media outlet. According to the woman herself, she quit drinking tea to lose weight. The Brit beauty would previously have up to 20 cups per day, all sweetened with plenty of sugar. Once she ditched all that sugar, the pounds melted off.

3. Drew Carey.

(Image Source: nydailynews.com)

The Price is Right host Drew Carey literally talked himself skinnier. Carey says he felt frightened that his weight would cut his life short and prevent him from watching his young son grow up. So for one year, he questioned every bite he took. Every time he ate he asked himself if it was worth losing his life over. Sounds dramatic, but it really worked! Drew also quit sugar and took on a more Mediterranean-style diet that included lots of fish.

4. Khloe Kardashian.

(Image Source: etonline.com)

Why does Khloe Kardashian look so different? Well, some of it is between her and her plastic surgeon. The rest is all hard work, as Khloe is a certified gym rat. For a time, it seemed like every other photo on her Instagram was taken during her long, tough workouts. Her trainer says Khloe does a lot of strength training, including deadlifts, squats, and pull-ups.

5. Chris Pratt.

(Image Source: comicvine.com)

Chris Pratt has lost more than 80 pounds on his weight loss journey. When the actor was overweight, he admits he was really self-conscious about his appearance and concerned about his health. All of that changed when Pratt, who had previously yo-yo dieted for roles, got a role in the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy. He went on a low-carb paleo diet and began doing CrossFit. Having kept it off for a few years now, Pratt says he sleeps a lot better and has extra energy.

6. Mariah Carey.

(Image Source: closerweekly.com)

All told, Mariah Carey gained 70 pounds while pregnant with her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. It may have taken nine months to add to her family, but it only took her three months to lose 30 pounds. Carey’s been pretty transparent about how she did it. She signed up with a nutritionist through Jenny Craig, and began working out three times a week. She also never weighed herself during the process, preferring to focus on how her clothes fit.

25 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations (Slideshow)

7. Kirstie Alley.

(Image Source: dietbeforeafter.com)

The press has been tracking Kirstie Alley’s weight losses and gains for about 30 years – no joke. Most recently, the actress has kept 50 pounds off for three years. She achieved this through the Jenny Craig program. Alley says what’s really key for her is knowing what foods trigger overeating, and making sure those foods are never around. In her case, that would be pasta, cheese, and cookies.

25 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations (Slideshow)

8. John Goodman.

(Image Source: sportingz.com)

Goodman is one of those actors whose hefty size just went along with his reputation as a lovable guy. As it turns out, there were times over the last few decades when John didn’t love himself so much, and he was struggling with substance abuse issues. But in 2016, he emerged more than one hundred pounds lighter! What made him change his lifestyle? “I just got tired, sick and tired of looking at myself,” he said.

9. Lea Michele.

(Image Source: emgn.com)

How did Lea Michele slim down? Was it the stress of working long hours on set? Her vegan diet? A possible eating disorder? Lea insists that she dropped a bunch of weight after having surgery for a jaw infection. It seems she’s kept it off for the last seven years, so maybe she gets this surgery all the time 

10. Christina Aguilera.

(Image Source: wetpaint.com)

It seems a little unfair that the press is always keen to point out how much baby weight a celebrity has gained. Singer Christina Aguilera’s weight has gone up and down naturally as she has given birth to a daughter and a son. Aguilera has said that she will always choose spending time with her kids over hitting the gym. But when the stage is calling and Christina wants to slim down, she will lose a full 50 pounds before taking it easy. Like many other stars, she chalks it up to a low-carb diet and time with a personal trainer.


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